Introducing Lighting Fast Search to the IntelligenceBank GRC Platform.

Search for Files Faster with IntelligenceBank GRC

IntelligenceBank’s NEW Lightning-Fast Search Lets You search across Millions of files within Seconds.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our NEW Lightning-Fast Search feature, which is 15x faster than most other platforms. Now when searching across millions of files, instead of waiting for results to return, IntelligenceBank will return results from millions of files in a few seconds.

IntelligenceBank GRC lightning fast search

The speed of searching also works when filtering results by file type, and other parameters – finally bringing the desktop experience to SaaS applications.

In addition to this speed advantage, IntelligenceBank GRC is also offering a new interface upgrade featuring infinite scrolling, so when users have hundreds and thousands of files to search through, they instantly load while scrolling through the portal, saving time when searching for documents.

To learn more about IntelligenceBank, contact a friendly member of our team.

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