place assets stored in IntelligenceBank directly into wordpress with our native wordpress connector

IntelligenceBank and WordPress Just Got Closer

We are pleased to announce the launch of IntelligenceBank’s WordPress Connector.

Now when you are updating web pages and articles in WordPress, you can seamlessly browse images, audio, video, office and PDF files stored within your IntelligenceBank DAM, add these files directly or insert public links from the DAM.

IntelligenceBank DAM WordPress Connector

In addition:

  • When inserting a public link, new versions of the linked file are automatically updated in WordPress.

  • Coming next quarter is the ability to change file size and compression on the fly.

the intelligencebank dam wordpress connector public link feature.

To learn more about IntelligenceBank's Wordpress Connector, or other integrations, please contact a friendly member of our sales team.

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