top trends in dam for 2018

IntelligenceBank DAM's Top 8 Digital Asset Management Trends for 2018 

With marketing content continuing to explode, the need for Digital Asset Management (DAM) software has never been greater. We are seeing the industry pivot toward DAM becoming a 'must have' application for top performing marketing departments. As we welcome 2018, IntelligenceBank DAM has the top 8 trends we will see with Digital Asset Management this coming year - driven by technological advances and the complexity of multi-channel marketing.  

1. Brand Compliance

DAM has now moved past the simplistic 'store, manage and search for files online' phase. While still a vital part of digital asset management, we are seeing more and more clients using custom forms and workflow within their DAM software to manage brand compliance processes. Not only does brand compliance work to strengthen brands with consistency and quality of work, but equally important, DAM platforms can now be used for creative workflows and marketing operations processes. This enables companies to track creative approvals before non-compliant work goes out the door, ensuring marketing projects are delivered on time and on budget.

brand compliance is a key trend for dam in 2018

2. The Need for Speed and Scale

Rich media libraries are growing at a rapid pace and DAM platforms need to keep up. As a result, using advanced search technologies and upgraded backend frameworks are critical for DAM users to search for millions of files within seconds. At the end of the day, people expect a 'desktop experience' in the cloud and DAM platforms must evolve to handle this.

3. Connectivity

Your DAM is the 'single source of truth' and therefore needs to be integrated into other marketing and business apps. With drag & drop functionality and public link integrations, your DAM should never be an island and should be able to integrate with any third party tool that accepts drag & drop or third party links.

4. AI is here to Stay

In 2017, many DAM providers launched automatic keyword tagging services using image recognition software to save administration time when uploading creative content. DAM systems will continue to innovate with AI for video and machine learning to not only tag files as they are included in the DAM, but also provide recommendations for using content based on previous searches and user profiles.

artificial intelligence can automatically add metadata details to files

5. DAM Across the Organization

DAM isn't just for marketing - but rather, it's the perfect solution for any department that creates content - such as training, sales, HR, PR and even product development. See how IntelligenceBank DAM has seamlessly integrated with leading eLearning provider Trivantis, highlighting the demand for DAM software across the organization. 

6. Blockchain

IntelligenceBank DAM is starting to think about how to apply blockchain technologies to DAM. Blockchain has the potential to completely disrupt the stock photography and agency industry, by removing intermediaries and enabling marketing departments to go straight to creative talent online. 

7. Blurring of Lines

The traditional definition of DAM is being blurred. DAM isn't just for cataloguing files any time. Now DAM systems like IntelligenceBank are moving into other areas such as tracking marketing projects and budgets (MRM), product information management (PIM) and downstream content distribution.

8. Hybrid Hosting

While many marketing departments seek to host their data in the public cloud, some organizations will look for unique ways to securely store rich media files across a range of servers and locations, while having an amalgamated search function to find private and public cloud hosted files. This Platform as a Service (PaaS) application gives customers not only cost efficiencies but improved security and compliance processes while driving future innovation.

If you would like further information on how to ensure your business processes can accommodate the trends mentioned above, please contact a friendly member of our sales team. Otherwise, we wish you happiness and fun this holiday season; including a prosperous and productive 2018.    

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