Comparing Versions Now Even Easier

We are pleased to announce our new ‘Compare Versions’ feature, which makes it easier than ever to compare multiple versions of a file.

The Compare Versions page allows you to view and compare file versions, side by side. Users may wish to view old Versions, or compare them with the newest Version available. 

It’s perfect for comparing images, documents, Powerpoint slides or even Web2Print versions. Here’s how it works:

1. From the ‘Info Preview’ page select 2 versions
2. Click the ‘Compare’ button
3. A new overlay opens with the selected versions side by side so you can see any differences

Similar to the Compare Versions functionality, if you use the Web-to-Print add-on, you can now view & compare Jobs and the Template, without needing to Download the item or enter the Editor. 

Click here for more information or scroll to see some examples.

Selecting Images to Compare:


Document Compare:


PowerPoint Compare:


Web2Print Compare:


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