collapsable agendas for intelligencebank

IntelligenceBank Makes Online Agendas Even Easier

IntelligenceBank is pleased to announce the release of collapsible agendas. Large agendas can now be divided into sub-sections, as opposed to navigating a list of items and documents within the agenda.

collapsible agenda start

Board portal users can now open and close sub-sections of the agenda, making long agendas easier to read and navigate. 

boards collapsible agendas

The update to the IntelligenceBank portal comes as part of a new release, which includes other great features such as: 

Better handling of larger files - with browser upload limits expanded to 10 GB for Chrome, Firefox and Safari users.

Automatic folder creation when you create a new record in the database.    

To learn more about the new release features, please contact a friendly member of our customer service team.  

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