the agenda builder can guide you through board meeting processes

Improve Board Meeting Productivity with IntelligenceBank Boards Agenda Builder Template

To ensure a productive board meeting, it is crucial a comprehensive agenda is created and distributed to directors, to make sure the meeting covers key topics as well as governance processes in a timely manner. The agenda is also the basis of meeting minutes that should be distributed to all participants as an accurate reflection of the meeting.

To assist in creating your board meeting agendas, IntelligenceBank is pleased to provide you with the Agenda Builder template, which is based on the online agenda builder available within the IntelligenceBank Board Portal. This will give the Chair and Corporate Secretary community a standardized template, that can easily be edited.

click here to download a copy of the agenda builder template

The agenda builder will guide you through all board meeting processes – from noting meeting attendees to organizing the next board meeting - in an ordered way. 

The Agenda Builder is a reference document, that should be revisited on a regular basis to ensure your board meetings are running effectively.

Download the Agenda Builder for Word

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