Automate Marketing Operations with our Smart Marketing Inbox

Are you tired of answering the same question about sponsorship guidelines or sending out the same creative brief template for the 1000th time?  If so, our Smart Marketing Inbox can help.
One of the biggest challenges marketing departments contend with is how they interface with the rest of the organization.  With the explosion of digital content and marketing initiatives across every department, it’s more important than ever to streamline processes and ensure marketing doesn’t get bogged down in administrative tasks. 
According to our CEO Tessa Court, “based on feedback from several of our enterprise clients, marketing and brand managers can spend up to 30% of their time fielding requests instead of working on more strategic projects.  Our smart ‘marketing inbox’ capability not only puts a process around how your thousands of stakeholders request marketing support, but equally important, IntelligenceBank can automatically direct people to the right answer, template or creative file so standard requests never hit your desk.”

Marketing Inbox-1

Here’s how it works:

  1. Within your IntelligenceBank Marketing Operations Platform, you can create a landing page with a customizable inbox to guide how the rest of the company can interact with marketing.
  2. From here your team can browse creative content or check out FAQs related to the processes for printing, sponsorship, brand approvals and more.
  3. You can also create a series of ‘smart forms’ with conditional logic and automated answers that people can fill out to request items from marketing.  For simple requests such as “I need a logo” or “Where’s the internal poster template?” the form can be programmed to direct people to the specific content. This means many requests are automatically fulfilled without marketing having to lift a finger.  
  4. To properly track the stages of all projects and requests, you can also have brand approval and creative brief forms available that take requests out of email chaos and into a system. 
  5. Queries from your smart marketing inbox can be measured and assigned, giving marketing managers unprecedented clarity on workload volumes and types of projects.
  6. Last but not least, with our marketing calendars and dashboards, you can visualize all of your projects at one time, instantly viewing bottlenecks and automation opportunities.         

By creating a ‘front door to marketing’ interface, you can ‘herd the cats’ and manage requests in a methodical manner, track request types and turn-around times.

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