Compare The Best DAM (Digital Asset Management) Software 2019

Identifying the right DAM system for your business will save you valuable time in the implementation process & over the course of your DAM journey.

Before you start assessing DAM software providers and trialling solutions, it is important to know that not all DAMs are created equal.

A range of DAM options exist, designed to suit businesses at different levels of maturity. The DAM you choose should match and support how you want to operate in the medium term.

When you are looking for a solution, it’s important to note the different types of DAM systems out there. 

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Types of DAM (Digital Asset Management) Software

Media Library DAM
Media Library DAM
Designed to simplify the process of managing & distributing creative files such as images, audio, video, Microsoft Office, Adobe CC & PDFs. They generally appeal to small teams & larger enterprises, where the driving requirement is to centralize files, categorize them according to the business & make them easy to both share & track.
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Marketing Operations DAM
Marketing professionals who opt for this type of DAM are generally looking for efficient solutions for managing their digital content processes, by streamlining; creative workflows, creative approvals, changing files on the fl, collaboration & version control, project & task management & more.
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Archival DAM

Specifically designed for museums & other cultural organizations in order to retain historical records – so they’re ideal for heritage collections. Archival DAMs are suited for organisations with millions of files & are therefore usually hosted on-premise. Some archival DAMs have storefront capabilities to sell collections to the public or to invited users.

On-Premise or Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) DAM applications do not require the physical installation of software onto your servers. Choosing a cloud-based option means there’s no need to; purchase or manage hardware, invest in DAM management infrastructure and backups, dedicate IT resources to manage security patches and backups, or wait months for implementation.

On-premise DAM
On-premise DAM

On-premise DAM solutions involve installing software onto your servers. These solutions will generally involve the purchasing and management of on-premise hardware, investing in new infrastructure to manage backups and other processes. IT resources will also be needed to manage security and other updates. Installation can also take time to complete – often months.

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Hybrid DAM Solutions

For companies who value flexibility, hybrid models are available. In these cases, DAM platforms are stored on-premise, and can also be accessed via a cloud version. The functionality is a combination of the previous two DAM models.

DAM Software Maturity Model

Before you buy any DAM sofware, make sure you know where you are on the DAM maturity model. You
want a system that’s right for your business now – and can also grow with you over time, but you don’t
want to purchase features you will not use in the near or mid-term. While assessing applications, it is
recommended to purchase requirements 2-3 years out – so you can grow into a tool over time and not be
limited by it. Below is an overview of the DAM maturity model, keeping in mind you can use
all or some of the forms in a single platform.

DAM Maturity Model

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