Sales Enablement Platform

IntelligenceBank is used as a Sales Enablement Platform, to ensure sales teams have the latest presentations, industry information, case studies and customer insights at their fingertips. IntelligenceBank is built for mobile and has a dedicated iPad App to enables BDM’s and Account Managers to present off iPads in ‘offline’ sales situations.

Key modules and features sales people can’t live without include:

  • Online Document Management with version control, PDF reader, annotations (private and shared), review dates, comments, watermarking and workflow.
  • Email Links to Files to registered and non-registered users.
  • Custom Branding for the platform, email alerts and iPad icons. You can also create custom pages anywhere within the platform to introduce concepts and information.
  • Advanced Search Engine that searches title, description and contents of files. The search engine accepts Boolean search queries, and you can narrow search by date ranges, file types and keywords.
  • Media Feed Dashboard to display key company articles, social media mentions and industry news.
  • Databases enable you to create custom online databases – so you can manage anything you document in a spreadsheet – online. This tool is typically used to manage key accounts, FAQ’s, competitor activity, or even product information. Each profile can link to a document or other information item.
  • Online News Forum to share articles with comments, and turn posts into HTML emails that can be sent from the platform to your users.
  • Usage Analytics Reporting by user, by file or overall, to give you an instant ROI on your data and on the platform.
  • Advanced Search to structure all of your online documents, social knowledge and information according to your business structure, brands and/or product types.
  • Other Tools include email alerts, granular permissions, single sign on with active directory and admin access to add users and set other features.

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