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What is Control Self Assessment Software?

Control Self Assessment (CSA) Software is a purpose-designed platform that streamlines the control attestation process for Internal Audits.  Surveys are generally distributed bi-annually so that line managers within various functions can attest, or confirm that each risk management control is both in place and is effective.  

With configurable surveys, follow up task management and dashboard exception reporting, the concept behind a control self-assessment system is not only to identify weaknesses in controls and report on the health of the internal control framework but equally important to follow up with the implementation remedies.  Here are some of the benefits of Control Self Assessment Software.


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Learn More About Control Self Assessment Software

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While every mid to large organization can benefit from Control Self Assessment software, companies with multiple offices or subsidiaries especially find CSA software useful, especially when there is no direct oversight on various business-critical functions. 

Without an easy-to-use system in place for the control self-assessment process, end user engagement, tracking and reporting are difficult and time-consuming. Not to mention that managing control attestations via email or a spreadsheet are actually risks in themselves.  Download our Control Self Assessment Software Whitepaper to see how easy it is to gather feedback, report on control efficacy and improve on your risk and control framework.


Access control

Users only see information to which they have access. That means, different users can only view, download, publish and/or print to where you grant access. You can give access by user group or by individual.

Data storage, backups, private cloud & self hosted options

Your data is hosted in secure, ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliant data centers either in the US, UK or Australia - depending on your location (and your choice). For larger corporates, IntelligenceBank offers private cloud options for an additional fee.

Two Factor Authentication

For customers who require additional login security, two factor authentication is available.


IntelligenceBank's servers are protected by separate hardware firewalls, which deliver high performance (as to not inhibit speed of service) and multi-threat protection.

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