Control Self Assessment Surveys

  • Assess Your Internal Controls

    With our Control Self Assessment Surveys, ensure your internal controls are effective across all functions and geographies.

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Now Everyone Plays a Role in Managing Internal Controls

The easy way to collect, manage and report on effectiveness of governance and internal controls.

  • CSA and CGQ Surveys

    Our control self assessment surveys (CSA) and corporate governance questionnaires (CGQ) can be broadcast to your team, so team leaders and their managers can report on the effectiveness of each control as it pertains to their role.
    Uniquely, managers can preview the answers of previous contributors, and all data rolls up into a single report for the board and head of internal audit. All controls such as Financial, Cash Handling, Expense Claims, Ethical and Equipment can be customized to your business and executive management can approve, decline or add additional commentary.

    CSA and CGQ Surveys
  • Policy, Training & FAQ Resource Library

    Our Resource Library enables you to centrally manage and make documentation readily accessible around your internal controls and audit. With watermarking, version control, review date flags and the ability to read files online, you also have a full audit trail as to which employees have accessed specific documents.

    Policy, Training & FAQ Resource Library
  • Hierarchical & Successive Workflows

    By enabling custom workflows, once a line manager completes a control self assessment survey, his or her manager can approve and comment on the declaration. By integrating with HR software, for large organizations we can automatically route declarations to the appropriate approver, regardless of an ever-changing org structure. For smaller companies, you can manually nominate the leader of each individual.

    Workflow to Elevate Control Declarations
  • Stats Reporting

    Instantly pull data reports on any field captured, including questions and responses, date, country, persons involved and notes on internal controls. Assign risk ratings and compare year on year results.

    Stats Reporting
  • Custom Welcome Page

    One of the biggest issues around a compliance process is ensuring your team understand why it is important. With our rich-media, custom welcome pages, not only is it easy for your team to directly access surveys and approvals, but you can also educate everyone on new policies and why the process is important to the business.

    COI Custom Welcome Pages
  • Audit Trail

    Our granular usage analytics report on everything that happens – by user and by workflow approval – so you always have a clear insight into the performance of your COI Program.

    Audit Trail - COI
  • Email Alerts

    Your team will receive automated email alerts when new declarations are added or when a workflow item has been approved or declined. From the platform, email links to record and files to other registered users.

    Email Alerts COI
  • Main Admin

    Not only is our platform easy for end users, but it is equally easy to administer. Customize the branding, set up user permissions and add users. Everything is editable so your platform can be structured according to your business and reporting processes.

    GRC Main Admin
  • Integrations

    You can integrate your surveys with single sign on, and it can be a seamless link off your intranet. You can also automate the approval structure from your HR software into our workflow approvals.

  • Mobile access to your files and data.

    IntelligenceBank GRC platform is accessible on any device.