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risk and compliance conflict of interest registers
Out of the box, yet highly customizable conflict registers including Gifts Given, Gifts Received, Relational and Financial. Use one, all or create your own. Put conditions on each declaration so that issues under a certain amount are automatically lodged without elevation to management.
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risk and compliance conflict of interest resources portal
If you have extensive documentation around your COI policies and training, you can securely manage them within the platform. With watermarking, version control, review date flags and the ability to read files online, you also have a full audit trail as to which employees have accessed specific documents.
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grc dashboard
Take control of the information you view on IntelligenceBank. Dashboards can be tailored to show registers, outstanding actions and workflow approvals.
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risk and compliance conflict of interest workflow declaration screenshot
You can set up custom workflows so declarations that meet pre-determined conditions are automatically elevated to the submitter’s team leader. By integrating with HR software, for large organizations we can automatically route declarations to the appropriate approver, regardless of an ever-changing org structure. For smaller companies, you can manually nominate the leader of each individual.
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conflict of interest risk and compliance reporting
With a detailed audit trail and granular reporting at your fingertips, running reports on your conflict registers is as easy as clicking a button. You can run reports on any field captured, including declaration type, date, amount, country, persons involved, elevation and notes on how declaration was handled.
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conflict of interest risk and compliance custom page
One of the biggest issues enforcing a COI policy, is that most people truly do not understand the definition of a conflict, much less why it is important to manage this risk to the business. Custom welcome pages make it easy not only to register a conflict, but also to educate your team with links to policies, FAQ’s and training videos.
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conflict of interest audit trail and analytics
With our granular usage reporting - you have instant insight into all interactions with your Conflict of Interest Register. Reports are available by user and by record or document, so you always have a clear insight into the performance of your COI Program.
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conflict of interest decleration email link pop up
When a declaration is lodged or requires approval, you can receive automated email alerts to notify you when an action is required. From the platform, you can also email links to records and files to other registered users.
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Drag and drop files from your intelligencebank platform into webbased applications
Seamlessly integrate with hundreds of web-based applications using the drag and drop functionality of the IntelligenceBank Universal Connector.
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conflict of interest admin panel
Not only is our platform easy for end users, but it is equally easy to administer. Customize the branding, set up user permissions and add users. Everything is editable so your platform can be structured according to your business and reporting processes.
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conflict of interest api integration screen
You can integrate your IntelligenceBank Conflict of Interest register with single sign on, and it can be a seamless link off your intranet. You can also automate the approval structure from your HR software into our workflow approvals.
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risk and compliance conflict of interest self registration screen
Now it’s easy for third parties that require data collection for Conflict of Interest Register to register themselves on the platform. Upon registration, you can ensure people accept the T&C’s of your platform. This feature is ideal for external partners or vendors who are required to comply with your frameworks.

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What is GRC Software?

What is GRC Software?

GRC Implementation FAQ's

Implementation FAQ's - GRC

what is conflict of interest software

What is Conflict of Interest Software?

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“The results speak for themselves. The HLK Group has over 20 clients on the platform, and as a guide each user has saved 5 hours per week by automating various compliance tasks. We have saved considerable time for the business, in particular the improvement in our reporting accuracy.”

HLK Group Brian Wu

"For the business, a vendor compliance portal means we can better manage our contractors and be assured that all safety and workplace obligations are met, particularly where high risk activities are being undertaken.”

Beacon Lighting Elizabeth Mikkelsen

"We selected the IntelligenceBank platform as a compliance management system. There were several factors that made IntelligenceBank stand out amongst their peers that included very competitive pricing, excellent support, the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements (Agile), multi-platform support and easy integration into a rather complex existing application landscape."

Business Analyst Daniel Ginn

"IntelligenceBank GRC has been a great way for Nexvet to keep track of our key contracts. It's easy to set up and very customizable to our industry specific requirements."

Nexvet Biopharma Geraldine Farrell

“We had a cumbersome, manual process for our compliance and auditing process that has been streamlined by the use of IntelligenceBank GRC.”

MAXEX Jessica Karcsh