Main Admin

The IntelligenceBank platform has been designed to make it easy for Main Administrators to make changes to the platform. Using the Main Admin feature, you can completely customize your IntelligenceBank knowledge management platform so it resembles your brand, and only features the tools you want your users to see. Key features include:

  • Custom Display Settings - brand the platform with your logo and graphics, choose colors, default icons, and nominate fonts
  • Global Settings - enables you to turn on and off various optional features.
  • Groups - create user groups, with granular levels of permissions to different tools and information items
  • Users - add users, suspend users, assign users to user groups, and reset passwords
  • Filters - create global filters (products, lines of business, type of information, etc) to structure your unstructured data
  • Tools - rename tools and features to match your use of Intelligencebank
  • Forms - create custom forms to collect additional information on any tool within the platform

To learn more about IntelligenceBank's Main Admin area, register for our contact us or select a product and register for a 15 day free trial.