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digital asset management home screen
Upload individually or in bulk, keep track of versions, preview media online, add to lightbox collections or add comments. Watermarks protect your files and you can view assets as a list, as images or in a carousel slideshow.
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digital asset management workflow and approvals dashboard
Streamline the creative approval process with download approvals, publish approvals and general feedback workflow on any file. Track history of digital sign offs in a dedicated approvals area.
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digital asset management main admin panel
The entire platform is customizable, so it looks like your brand. Match colors, fonts and even re-name navigation to mirror your business.
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sharing and embedding digital assets
Content marketing has never been easier. Embed images and video in social media and within third party websites. Customize sizes on the fly, and when you add new versions of the file, it automatically updates in real-time.
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digital asset management calendar and planner
Help your team keep track of campaigns, creative licensing dates and projects. Create different calendars for each project, track event RSVPs and link your calendar to other items within your digital asset management platform.
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Custom Brand Guidelines Page for Digital Asset Management
With our pre-defined brand templates, you can showcase key aspects of your brand so they are easily communicated with internal and external stakeholders. We make it easy to customize these pages so they truly represent your brand.
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digital asset management email alert pop up
Automatically be notified when new files or new versions of files are uploaded. You can also email links to files to both registered and external users - which avoids clogging up email with large digital assets.
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digital asset management creative collaboration screen
IntelligenceBank makes it easy to collaborate on digital assets with internal and external teams, using image annotations. Mark up files and view a conversation stream.
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brief request and usage for digital assets
Manage compliance for each digital asset, by documenting ownership, usage and talent rights. Link files to talent consent forms.
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Digital Asset Management Lightbox Collections
Lightbox collections let you organize groups of digital assets to share with members of your team during the creative process. Shared collections are triggered by email alerts. You can share collections with registered and non registered users.
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self registration homescreen for digital assets
Now your DAM can be ‘open’ to your partners and external users – which will make your creative sharing process easier than ever. With Self Registration enabled, people can come to your DAM and access specific files that you nominate. All self registered users have the same level of access, and you can ensure new users accept your unique, T&C’s. It’s that easy and is perfect for franchisees and customer access.
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advanced search feature for digital asset management
Nothing gets lost in IntelligenceBank. Our advanced search engine searches titles, asset descriptions, file contents, automatically extracted metadata (general, IXPT and EXIF) and custom metadata you add.
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digital asset management analytics
Instantly run usage reports on your digital assets and see how your platform is used in real-time. Our granular audit trail reports on everything that happens, by user, by file and overall.
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digital asset management admin platform
Take control of your platform with custom branding, and the ability to set up granular permission rights and add users. You can also change the names of modules and manage passwords. It's that easy.
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we-to-print editing for digital assets
Web-to-Print templates make maintaining control of your brand, yet providing your team with flexibility, easy. Upload InDesign templates with workflows allow you to specify what can be changed, and let your team adjust logos, text and images that you allow, with a direct link to the image library.
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Digital Asset Adobe InDesign connector
With the IntelligenceBank Connector, maximize your creative workflow by accessing your IntelligenceBank DAM creative assets within an InDesign® Creative Cloud® document then add and update images, illustrations and logos.
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Drag and drop files from your intelligencebank platform into webbased applications
Seamlessly integrate with hundreds of web-based applications using the drag and drop functionality of the IntelligenceBank Universal Connector.
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Customizable Dasshboards for IntelligenceBank
Take control of the information you view on IntelligenceBank. Dashboards can be tailored to show outstanding production tasks, view recently uploaded assets and manage approvals.
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monetise your dam or brandhub platform by converting it to an online store
Convert your DAM or BrandHub Platform into an online store, giving users the chance to purchase branded materials, pictures and downloadable files.
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pointing at ipad with digital asset management homepage login
Our iPad App lets you read PDF's and view images and media offline - and syncs with the web platform. IntelligenceBank's marketing interface is responsive and can adjust to any device. You can even upload images from your smartphone.
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alow members of the public to view your assets
Need to show your creative files on your website? IntelligenceBank's public gallery lets you create a web page from your DAM so anyone can browse and download files.


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IntelligenceBank - Brand Asset Bank

"IntelligenceBank has a well-integrated workflow along with a solid asset management system. What really sets IB apart is their service. They work from the customer perspective, molding their product to fit the customer rather than steering the customer to adapt to the product".


"IntelligenceBank is used for storing assets and linking data to them, such as consent forms, associated events and people. I like that it has provided a single point of truth for my digital assets, helped formalize processes in my organization and ultimately reduced my workload".

Children's Hospital Tory Grice

"We chose IntelligenceBank BrandHub because not only does their platform serve as a central area for digital content, but it also provides a way for us to communicate in a manner consistent with what each of our three distinct brands represent. The ability to showcase our Brand Guidelines in a dynamic way increases user engagement and helps maintain brand consistency.”

HERTZ Rhonda Williams

"National Australia Bank has thousands of staff and external agency partners who need to understand the nuances of our brand. IntelligenceBank helps us showcase our brand guidelines, makes it easy to download brand assets and truly explain our brand to our internal stakeholders and external agency partners. IntelligenceBank is great because it can be configured to represent our brand. The account management staff are amazing and very responsive. They are proactive and always come up with perfect solutions to our requirements".

National Australia Bank Susanna Hondrakostas

"IntelligenceBank's DAM is nicely designed and super easy for everyone on our team to use, including people who are not native English speakers or design savvy. It's really easy to navigate, you can log on and jump straight into using it, you don't need lengthy instruction workshops. The IntelligenceBank support team are very responsive, so if you do get stuck they are right there to assist".

Jetstar Ruth Kimpton

"IntelligenceBank has proven to be a very flexible software platform that has helped us to manage a large number of assets and external users in an effective way. With the expert assistance of the IntelligenceBank team, our implementation was smooth and we have been able to integrate IntelligenceBank with external applications to help manage and distribute our assets. We have found the IntelligenceBank team to be highly responsive to our needs and they have custom developed several features in a timely manner for us to achieve our business requirements. I strongly recommend IntelligenceBank software and the IntelligenceBank team for your business process".

TWO ROADS Ashley Nash

"Simple to use and great customer service. The tool is fairly simple to understand and update. I also like how it can be customized to your brand (landing page, colors, menu)".

KFC Tathyana Pires

“Compliance, along with innovation and creativity is an important part of our marketing processes. Ensuring all creative is on-brand, relevant and complies with both legal and clinical requirements is of the utmost importance, and IntelligenceBank DAM is making this process easy for us.”

MEDIBANK Fiona LeBrocq