Virtual Data Room

IntelligenceBank can be used as an online data room when teams of people from different companies or geographies come together to work on a project. With IntelligenceBank, projects run seamlessly, as all team members have instant access to the latest versions of electronic documents and other digital assets and information items.

IntelligenceBank can also be configured to automatically receive live data feeds regarding the project on which team members are working.

  • Store, share and manage business critical information from any source, in any file type.
  • Structure information and resources by themes, topics and geographies so information is easy to find.
  • Display key business performance data as charts and trends.
  • Automate input of primary data sources into IntelligenceBank via links and API data feeds.
  • Control which stakeholders have access to specific information, and measure how information gets used.
  • Profile key accounts, and link to financial reporting platforms.
  • Collaborate on documents and keep track of all changes as well as of previous versions of each file.
  • Real-time RSS feeds dashboard, consolidating feeds from twitter, blogs and news resources.
  • Staff, supplier, team and media contact database.
  • Capture feedback on new initiatives with an online forum dedicated to the project.
  • Advanced search, email alerts, secure login, brand customization, customer support, usage reporting and an iPad friendly interface are all standard features within the IntelligenceBank platform.

For more information on how IntelligenceBank can be used as an online data room or virtual data room (VDR), contact us on sign up for a 15 Day Free Trial.