Document Asset Management

IntelligenceBank's online document management platform makes it easy to share and collaborate on electronic documents, digital files and online documents.

IntelligenceBank’s online document management platform makes it easy to manage, share and collaborate on documents – from anywhere with anyone. You can upload any file type, establish workflow parameters for approving files for upload and/or download – and of course brand your platform with your logo and color scheme.

Key features include:

  • Upload any file type: MS Office, Video, MP3, 100+ Image Formats, PDF and more!
  • Version control
  • Lock file for editing
  • Online document reader, with private and shared annotations
  • Information on each item, including author, format and extensive metadata
  • Review dates on items
  • Download images in multiple formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG)
  • Watermarks can be applied to documents and images
  • Optional watermark documents and images
  • Electronic signatures for upload and download approvals, including workflow
  • Thumbnails created on most images
  • Three views of resources: image, title and details
  • Link files to different folders
  • User ratings and comments
  • Email links to documents
  • Report on document usage by your users
  • Email alerts to automatically notify your users of new or updated files
  • Advanced Boolean search engine matches keywords in titles, descriptions and contents, and includes search refinement by date, file type and keyword.
  • Global Taxonomy Filters to structure all of your online documents, social knowledge and information according to your business structure, brands and/or product types.

To learn more about how to use IntelligenceBank for online electronic document storage, contact us on, download our Product Fact Sheet or sign up for a 15 Day Free Trial.



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