Manage your information, your way

  • Share files and data with your team - with workflow

    The easy way to securely share, manage, approve and access your data, according to your business processes.

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  • Spreadsheets aren't a system

    With our custom databases, manage online what you used to put in spreadsheets. Accounts, Projects, Competitors & more.

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  • Workflow & Approvals

    Create custom workflows on files, forms and data to manage your business processes.

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  • Access Files Instantly

    Easy access to your files, anytime, from any device. Web, mobile and iPad App for offline access.

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  • Capture Data and Run Custom Reports

    Enable your team to submit custom forms, get notified, approve inputs and run custom reports on the data captured.

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Manage your information, your way

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IntelligenceBank’s highly flexible Knowledge Management platform gives you the tools and features you need to easily share and manage information with the people you want.

Key IntelligenceBank Features

Features your team will love and your business needs.

  • Online Document Management

    Upload up to 2GB per file, bulk uploads, version control, read pdf’s & preview media, review dates, favourites, comments and watermarks to protect your files.

    Online Document Management
  • Workflow & Approvals

    Collaborate faster with download approvals, publish approvals and general feedback on any file or data. Track history of digital sign off in a dedicated approvals area.

    Workflow & Approvals
  • Customizable Databases

    Anything you would normally manage in a spreadsheet, can now be managed online in our customizable databases. Examples are: competitors, key accounts, product specifications... anything!

    Customizable Databases
  • Internal News

    Post articles, receive comments and feedback, and email them as an HTML email for instant communication.

    Internal News
  • Email Alerts & Email Links

    Automatically be notified when new information or new versions are available. You can also email links to files and folders to both registered and external users.

    Email Alerts & Email Links
  • Advanced Search

    Nothing gets lost in IntelligenceBank. We search titles, description, document contents, automatically extracted metadata, and universal custom metadata you add.

    Advanced Search
  • Automatic File Conversion

    Convert your image files from more than 100 file formats to the most commonly used: JPG, PNG and GIF; and you can resize your files online.

    Automatic File Conversion
  • People

    A full list of all users of your platform, with contact information and photos.

  • Built for Mobile & iPad App for Offline Access

    Our iPad App lets you read PDF’s offline, and view media – and syncs with the web platform. You can download our iPad App from the APP store, and use your same username and password to access files when you are on the move.

    Built for Mobile & iPad App for Offline Access
  • Self Registration

    With Self Registration enabled, now your end users are able to ‘self register’ and login to your Knowledge platform to access documents and database records of information. All self-registered users can be granted limited or full access, which is specified by you, and you can force the acceptance of your T&C’s prior to entering your platform. This is ideal for sharing knowledge with third parties.

    self register
  • Usage Analytics

    Get an instant ROI and see how your platform is used in real-time. Our granular audit trail reports on everything that happens, by user, by file and overall.

    Usage Analytics
  • Main Admin

    Take control of your platform – no IT experience necessary! Customize the branding, set up user permission groups and add users. You can also change the naming of modules and manage passwords.

    Main Admin
  • Project Calendar and Planner

    Help your team keep track of campaigns, due dates and projects. Create different calendars for each project, track event RSVPs and link your calendar to other items within your IntelligenceBank platform.

    Project Calendar and Planner
  • Media Feeds Dashboard

    Live media feeds dashboard for RSS and API feeds from your favorite news sources to keep track of your media mentions, competitors and industry news.

    Media Feeds Dashboard

One Solution, Many Use Cases

Because every organization is unique, IntelligenceBank was built with flexibility in mind.

  • Customer Insights Platform

    IntelligenceBank not only makes it easy to securely manage and share customer insights and data, but our workflow can seamlessly map to your offline processes to ensure projects are kept on track, initiatives are not duplicated, your team has access to the latest versions of information.

    Customer Insights Platform
  • Sales Team Enablement

    Ensure your sales team has the right product fact sheets, customer testimonials and market insight in the office, or on the road with our iPad App. Share KPI’s, and automatically receive live data feeds on competitive activity and industry news.

    Sales Team Enablement
  • Customer Extranet

    Have documents and data you need to share with customers or members? Configure IntelligenceBank to give access to some items to specific people and other items to everyone. Keep you stakeholders connected with an internal forum with email newsletters.

    Customer Extranet

Your Data, Our Responsibility

Data security is at the heart of everything we do

  • Data Storage, Backups, Private Cloud & Self Hosted Options

    Your data is hosted in secure, ISO 27001 and SAS 70 compliant data centers either in the US or Australia - depending on your location (and your choice). For larger corporates, IntelligenceBank offers private cloud and self hosted options for an additional fee.

    Data Storage & Backups Icon
  • Login Rules

    Within IntelligenceBank platforms, you can set login parameters such as length and complexity of passwords, and you can also determine how frequently your users need to reset their password.

    Login Rules Icon
  • Data Ownership

    You always own your data. Bottom line.

    Data Ownership Icon
  • Firewalls

    IntelligenceBank's servers are protected by separate hardware firewalls, which deliver high performance (as to not inhibit speed of service) and multi-threat protection.

    Firewalls Icon
  • Proactive Monitoring

    Every five minutes, IntelligenceBank proactively monitors its operating system, core functions, uptime, patch upgrades, firewall status and hacking attempts.

    Proactive Monitoring Icon
  • Access Control

    Users only see information to which they have access. That means different users can only read online, download, publish and/or print where you grant access. You can create permission groups by user or by individual.

    Access Control Icon
  • Application Security

    IntelligenceBank undergoes independent security and penetration testing audits to ensure your information is secure.

    Application Security Icon


IntelligenceBank is easy to self-implement and administer but if you need some additional assistance with training or migrating your files – we are of course here to help!

Optional services that we offer:

  • Training
  • Custom
  • Training Videos
  • Platform
  • Data
  • Single
    Sign On
  • Data


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IntelligenceBank Knowledge Management is for everyone

Meet a few of our customers and imagine what IntelligenceBank can do for you.

  • Suncorp Logo
    "IntelligenceBank is a wonderful tool assisting in our business, helping to safely store, share and manage our documents. Their team was very useful and IntelligenceBank quickly became the central go-to point for our team of almost forty team members when it came to storing, sharing and managing documentation."

    James Borg, eCommerce Channel Optimisation Manager at Suncorp

  • AdAlta Logo
    During our IPO process, AdAlta required an easy to use, and secure data room to manage due diligence with multiple parties. We found the platform very useful and easy to use. IntelligenceBank is a great platform and I would highly recommend it.

    Samantha Cobb, Managing Director and CEO at AdAlta

  • Mobile access to your files and data.

    IntelligenceBank Knowledge Management platform is accessible on any device.


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