Forum Builder

IntelligenceBank's Online Forum tool enables you to capture 'social knowledge' from users. At IntelligenceBank, we believe that people's opinions, observations and feedback are a key component to corporate knowledge. With the online forum, you can broadcast 'news' to your users where users provide comments, ratings and feedback, or users can post ideas as well. Key features include:

  • Structure threads by topic - such as competitors, product feedback and new ideas.
  • Send HTML email newsletters with the content of an article
  • Create threads with multimedia content
  • Threads grouped by theme such as product feedback, competitors, etc.
  • Threads can be ‘related’ to other information items such as documents, news feeds and charts
  • Feedback, ratings and comments are available on all items
  • Social knowledge captured in the online forum is searchable

To learn more about IntelligenceBank's Online Forum, contact us or select a product and register for a 15 day free trial.