Keep your board secure while on the go

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    Beautifully designed to make your board meeting and governance processes easy.

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    Discover the superior design and mobility of an IntelligenceBank Board Portal.

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  • Securely Annotate Board Packs Online or Offline

    Access your board portal from any device, including when offline with our iPad app.

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  • Version Control & Automatic Email Alerts

    IntelligenceBank board portals automate email alerts when new files and versions are added, or when something needs to be reviewed.

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  • Concierge Training for Directors

    Our team of experienced account managers will work with each director so their take-up is a success.

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Keep your board secure while on the go

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IntelligenceBank Boards provides an easy way to securely access and annotate board papers from anywhere, including offline with our iPad App.

Key IntelligenceBank Boards Features

Features your directors will love and your business needs.

  • Board Pack Management

    Securely enable directors to review, privately annotate and comment on board materials, online and offline.

    Board Pack Management
  • Dedicated iPad App for Offline Access

    The IntelligenceBank Board Portal comes with an iPad App so directors can read and privately annotate PDF's offline - even on planes. New versions and annotations sync between the web and app.

    Dedicated iPad App for Offline Access
  • Agenda Builder

    Keep your directors and committee members on topic with the Agenda Builder - where you can set discussion topics and links to specific files for each board or committee meeting. As the meeting progresses, directors can check off which items have been covered.

    Board Portal Agenda Builder
  • Email Alerts and Email Links

    Automatically be notified when new information or new versions are available. You can also email links to files and folders if it is urgent that a director views a file.

    Email Alerts and Email Links
  • Workflow, Approvals & Voting

    Approve meeting minutes and resolutions faster, with workflow triggered emails, a quorum facility and an electronic audit trail of digital approvals and comments by file, and through a dedicated approvals dashboard.

    Workflow, Approvals & Voting
  • Custom Branding

    The entire platform is customizable, so it looks like your brand and maps to your governance process. Match colors, fonts and even rename navigation to mirror your needs.

    Custom Branding
  • Director Survey

    Customizable surveys can be created for Board Effectiveness and Director 360 Degree Surveys. Receive instant and confidential feedback from your directors. You can also add your own surveys for management control self assessment and other governance requirements.

    director survey for a board portal
  • Usage Analytics - By File, User and Overall

    Have a real-time audit trail of who is doing what on your platform. The audit trail shows usage data by user, by file and overall for complete visibility as to which files were accessed, by whom and when.

    Usage Analytics - By File, User and Overall
  • Advanced Search and Global Filters

    Nothing gets lost in IntelligenceBank board portals. You can search a file by title, description, document contents, automatically extracted metadata and universal keywords you add.

    Advanced Search and Global Filters
  • Conflict Register Database & Policy Register Database

    Keep a detailed register with workflow and review dates of conflicts, significant contracts, meetings, and policies. Databases are completely customizable, and can be integrated with workflow and approvals.

    Conflict Register Database & Policy Register Database
  • Announcements

    Post updates to the board to ensure important communications don't get lost in email. Post articles or agendas, and receive comments and instant feedback. Each post can be sent as an HTML email to your directors for instant communication.

  • People Directory

    Feature a full list of directors and other users of your platform, with contact information and photos. It's a directory of your directors.

    People Directory
  • Media Feeds Dashboard - Boards

    Live media feed dashboard for RSS and API feeds to automatically give your board of directors the latest news about your organization, competitors, industry news and key compliance issues.

    media feeds for board portals
  • Board Meeting Calendar and Planner

    Schedule board meetings with different calendar for each committee, track RSVPs and keep your board and committee members always aware of key meeting dates.

    board portal calendar

One Solution, Many Use Cases

Because every organization is unique, IntelligenceBank was built with flexibility in mind.

  • Company Secretary

    With IntelligenceBank Boards, company secretaries have complete control on board pack distribution, retraction, security and audit. With workflow, getting minute and resolution approvals is seamless, and you have a robust confict and policy register with approval processes at your fingertips. All working toward making good corporate governance easy and seamless.

    Company Secretary
  • Directors

    Directors can instanty access board packs and governance information - anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Our dedicated iPad App, which syncs to the web portal, can be used to access files when on a plane or in other offline situations. Email alerts keep directors notified withen new information is available. Registering financial, gifts or relational conflicts for approval is easy through a one step form.

  • Executive Assistants

    With IntelligenceBank Boards, administrators have never had it so easy. Collaborating and putting packs together can be done in private workspaces online. Releasing packs and redistributing new versions is instant and directors are automatically notified when new information is available. Say goodbye to expensive printing and insecure emailing forever.

    Executive Assistants

Your Data, Our Responsibility

Security is at the heart of IntelligenceBank's product features.

  • Access Control

    Users only see information to which they have access. That means, different users can only view, download, publish and/or print to where you grant access. You can give access by user group or by individual.

    Access Control Icon
  • Data Storage, Backups, Private Cloud & Self Hosted Options

    Your data is hosted in secure, ISO 27001 and SAS 70 compliant data centers either in the US or Australia - depending on your location (and your choice). For larger corporates, IntelligenceBank offers private cloud and self hosted options for an additional fee.

    Data Storage & Backups Icon
  • Login Rules

    Within IntelligenceBank Boards, you can set login parameters such as length and complexity of passwords, and you can also determine how frequently your users need to reset their password.

    Login Rules Icon
  • Data Ownership

    You always own your data. Bottom line. We do not access your platform unless you provide your account manager with special, one time access, and you can always request a copy of your data on disk.

    Data Ownership Icon
  • Firewalls

    IntelligenceBank's servers are protected by separate hardware firewalls, which deliver high performance (as to not inhibit speed of service) and multi-threat protection.

    Firewalls Icon
  • Proactive Monitoring

    Every five minutes, IntelligenceBank proactively monitors its operating system, core functions, uptime, patch upgrades, firewall status and hacking attempts.

    Proactive Monitoring Icon
  • Application Security

    IntelligenceBank undergoes independent security and penetration testing audits to ensure your information is secure.

    Application Security Icon


IntelligenceBank is easy to self-implement and administer but if you need some additional assistance with training or migrating your files – we are of course here to help!

Optional services that we offer:

  • Training
  • Custom
  • Training Videos
  • Platform
  • Data
  • Single
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Meet a few of our customers and imagine what IntelligenceBank can do for you.

  • Greg Muller, CEO at Global Reviews
    "We use IntelligenceBank Boards to efficiently distribute board packs and new versions of board materials to our geographically diverse board. It's easy to use and administer."

    Greg Muller, CEO at Global Reviews

  • Nurturing Minds Heidi
    "We are thrilled to have found IntelligenceBank for our small NGO. We are a virtual organization with staff and board members all over the globe. IB will allow us to all be looking at the same versions of the same documents and enable us all to view them whenever necessary. We are also really excited about having a central calendar."

    Heidi Leone, Executive Director at Nurturing Minds

  • Mobile access to your files and data.

    Access on any device or download our iPad app for secure and encrypted offline access

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