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PrintUI and IntelligenceBank DAM – Three Years of Making Local Area Marketing Efforts Seamless

Being Valentine’s Day, there’s no better day to show our appreciation for our business partners. This year, we would like to thank Print UI.

For over three years, IntelligenceBank DAM and BrandHub have been streamlining marketing processes through integration with PrintUI’s Web-to-Print solution. The integration has allowed marketers to control how their InDesign templates are edited within their master DAM environment.

According to Tessa Court, the CEO of IntelligenceBank, “PrintUI have supported our clients in ensuring brand control for local area, trade, retail and partnership marketing. What’s fantastic about this system’s integration with IntelligenceBank is that marketers can leverage their DAM’s assets and workflow with industry-best Web-to-Print technology.”

Here’s how it works ...

  1. Download and install the web-to-print plugin then decide on each InDesign template what elements should be edited. Templates can be for print or digital creative.

  2. Upload InDesign templates to your IntelligenceBank DAM individually or by bulk upload. Add Granular permissions to ensure end users can only access files that they are meant to see.

  3. The PrintUI integration allows your partners, colleagues or retail staff to make minor, controlled edits, such as changing copy, fonts colors or logos.

  4. Allows your team to instantly access IntelligenceBank’s DAM and browse approved logos and images for a specific template.

  5. As an option, you can apply an IntelligenceBank DAM workflow to approve changes made before the file can be downloaded.

  6. Once finished and approved, the files can be downloaded in multiple formats, with options to include trim marks and other printing aids.

web to print template

This integration continues to give marketers the best of both worlds – a fully-featured DAM with robust workflow and file management, plus guaranteed on-brand marketing – in one solution.

If you would like to know more about how Web-to-Print can streamline your creative marketing output, please contact a friendly member of our customer support team.

IntelligenceBank would like to wish everyone – our business partners included –a happy Valentine’s Day. 

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