introducing seven new features for intelligencebank dam

Introducing the Super 7

With 2017 underway, IntelligenceBank is excited to launch 7 new features to our platform that will further streamline how marketing teams and designers control their creative content and manage critical business processes online.

IntelligenceBank’s key new features include:

1.  Dashboards - The new Dashboards module enables users to group together customized data sets in a panel-like display. Dashboards can be private or public, and can be customized to instantly display a variety of business-critical information such as: recently uploaded files, pending creative approvals, and artwork with talent usage rights due to expire. 

dam dashboard customization

2.  Universal Connector – Now IntelligenceBank DAM connects with any other web application that supports drag and drop.  Supporting literally 100’s of integrations, now IntelligenceBank DAM can instantly connect with CMS, ERP, CRM, Project Management and other software programs. Seamlessly drag and drop assets from IntelligenceBank into a range of web-based applications. You can see the Universal Connector in action by viewing the video below.

3.  Adobe CC Connector Upgrade – Now the IntelligenceBank Creative Cloud connector supports Photoshop and Illustrator as well as InDesign.

intelligencebank connector for creative cloud

4.  Storefront – IntelligenceBank Storefront is a customizable and publically available ecommerce platform that makes it easy to monetize creative assets.  With a direct connection to your DAM, people can purchase downloadable or printed materials, and order branded items.


5.  Public Galleries -  Instantly share your creative content with the world.  IntelligenceBank’s Public Galleries let you showcase specified files to users who have not logged in.

public gallery

6.  New Permissions Interface Our improved permissions format makes it easier for platform administrators to view, track and enable permissions for users on their platform.

new permissions interface

7.  Form Builder Upgrade – New form builder functionality has been optimized to handle hundreds of fields with conditional displays, saving people time when creating forms for managing creative brief and approval submissions.

dam permissions

According to Tessa Court, the CEO of IntelligenceBank “we are thrilled to announce our biggest new feature launch in the history of IntelligenceBank.  The foundation of these 7 new capabilities are direct from customer feedback, and will give marketing teams around the world more ways to connect, monetize and manage the production of creative content.”

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