intelligencebank starts 2018 with a bang

IntelligenceBank DAM Ranked #1 for "Best Support" and "Easiest Doing Business With"

IntelligenceBank is pleased to announce that it has been ranked #1 amongst all 129 Digital Asset Management providers for two critical customer success factors: "Best Support" and "Easiest Doing Business With" from G2 Crowd.

intelligencebank DAM's ratings and awards

According to Tessa Court, the CEO of IntelligenceBank, "we are thrilled to receive this recognition from our clients. We put a lot of emphasis on customer success. Ensuring our support is second to none and our clients receive real business value from our services is our top priority and it is great to be officially recognized in such a large and competitive industry."

If you want more information about how IntelligenceBank can streamline your business processes, please contact us. Additionally, to experience IntelligenceBank's award-winning customer support, sign up for a free trial. 

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