intelligencebanks marketing stack on display

IntelligenceBank DAM featured in the 2017 Stackies Award

IntelligenceBank is pleased to announce its participation in the stackies competition - where companies design an infographic about their marketing stack.

A  'Stackie' is a visual representation of the marketing technology companies use to drive their marketing initiatives. This involves a single infographic, with entries judged on the following criteria: 

- Alignment: Does your stack line up with your business objectives?
- Concept: How much insight does the conceptual organization showcase?
- Clarity: the ease of readers to follow and understand your stack?
- Design: The look of your stack and its attractive appeal.
- Detail: generally, the greater detail the better for a single slide (within reason, of course).

Below is ours, which showcases IntelligenceBank DAM as a key component.

intelligencebnak's 2017 marketing stack

IntelligenceBank's marketing stack was one of 57 entries in the stackies award. You can View other stackies entries below:

The 2017 Stackies award highlights the growth of the marketing technology space. MartechToday features nearly 5000 companies in its 2017 Marketing Technology Landscape Infographic. This is a giant leap from the 150 featured when the infographic was first designed in 2011. The 2017 Marketing Technology Landscape Infographic can be seen below: 

martech 5000 infographic

You can view a high-res version of the above image here. Keep your eyes peeled in the "Martech 5000" for IntelligenceBank. If you want more information about the marketing stack and aligning your Martech with your business processes, please contact a friendly member of our customer support team.  

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