SaaS Apps Designed to Make Your Process Easy

  • IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management

    Manage digital assets, email links to files, showcase guidelines and streamline workflow - designed to make marketing processes easier.

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  • IntelligenceBank Boards

    The easy transition from paper meetings. Designed to make your governance processes easier.

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  • IntelligenceBank GRC

    Designed to make it easy to manage your risk and governance processes.

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  • IntelligenceBank Knowledge Management

    Designed to make workflow and sharing information with your team easy.

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Out of the box ways to manage your business processes

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Our powerful platform comes in four different pre-configured applications that you can customize entirely to suit your specific requirements. Because everyone is different, IntelligenceBank gives you all the tools and features you need to securely share files and data with the people you want, the way you want, so you get more done, save money and reduce risk.

Meet a few of our customers and imagine what we can do for you.

  • Nello Marino CEO at Sports Medicine Australia
    "We use IntelligenceBank to streamline our Admin and ensure all directors nationally receive their board papers and updates in a timely manner. It’s conservatively saved us at least 1 day per month and made us much more mobile and responsive."

    Nello Marino, CEO at Sports Medicine Australia

  • Sally McNeill MD at FutureBrand
    "We recommend IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management & Brand Hubs to our clients as they can help protect, govern and maximise brand equity. The level of customisation is great, as they can be tailored to a company's own brand management processes and designed to express key elements of the brand identity."

    Sally McNeill, MD at FutureBrand

  • Australian Super Logo
    "As an out of the box solution, the product offers great flexibility to customise the branding and site layout to suit unique requirements. Administrators are supported with great, timely customer service as required and IntelligenceBank takes 'nice to have' feedback on board and the platform features are continuously been improved with regular release updates and new features."

    Maria Zervoulias, Brand Identity Consultant, Australian Super

  • Geraldine Farrell, VP Operations & General Counsel at Nexvet Biopharma
    "IntelligenceBank GRC has been a great way for Nexvet to keep track of our key contracts. It's easy to set up and very customizable to our industry specific requirements."

    Geraldine Farrell, VP Operations & General Counsel at Nexvet Biopharma

  • Greg Muller, CEO at Global Reviews
    "We use IntelligenceBank Boards to efficiently distribute board packs and new versions of board materials to our geographically diverse board. It's easy to use and administer."

    Greg Muller, CEO at Global Reviews

  • Heidi Leone, Executive Director at Nurturing Minds
    "We are thrilled to have found IntelligenceBank for our small NGO. We are a virtual organization with staff and board members all over the globe. IB will allow us to all be looking at the same versions of the same documents and enable us all to view them whenever necessary. We are also really excited about having a central calendar."

    Heidi Leone, Executive Director at Nurturing Minds

  • Kristen Werner, Brand Adviser at Santos
    "We have had many challenges since we started but everything that our internal system and boundaries throw at IntelligenceBank, they seem to come back with a solution that works. The continuous support is great, it is easy to know any question big or small, they are happy to guide you through, to ensure that the experience is smooth and efficient."

    Kristen Werner, Brand Adviser at Santos

  • Daniel, Business Analyst at a Large Financial Services Organisation
    We selected the IntelligenceBank platform as a compliance management system. There where several factors that made IntelligenceBank stand out amongst their peers that included very competitive pricing, excellent support, the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements (Agile), multi-platform support, easy integration into a rather complex existing application landscape.

    Daniel Ginn, Business Analyst at a Large Financial Services Organisation

  • NAB logo
    "We've used Intelligence Bank's Brand Hub for over 4 years to provide our multiple agencies with easy access to our brand guidelines, brand assets and our brand story. The team at Intelligence Bank is always helpful and responsive and they're passionate about seeking out new solutions to meet our needs. Ultimately, they make managing our brand a lot easier."

    Fiona Catt, Brand Management at NAB

  • Kargo Master Logo
    "Solid foundation, well thought out and structured, always trying to make improvements, phenomenal customer service, nice people, easy to use, priced right. Easy to submit project proofs by a link, great flexibility. Store files, download images. I could go on and on. My owner is technology challenged. He loves how simple it is for him to look at proofs."

    Rich Sprague, Marketing Services Manager at Kargo Master Companies

  • Peak Capital Logo
    "Great product and service. I have always dealt with Jeff Bogensberger and from the time I first made contact until now he has been great. I think the entire organisation has a great attitude."

    Rob James, Ceo at Peak Capital

  • Tassal Logo
    "Great for managing, sharing and administering our digital assets. We looked at lots of DAM systems and the IntelligenceBank solution was best for our company in terms of ease of use, scalability and pricing. Having all our brand assets, photographs and artwork in the one place is fantastic, especially as our staff are spread our all over the country. Highly recommended."

    Glenn Oakes, Artwork Manager at Tassal

  • Common Creative Logo
    "The interface is intuitive, really easy to use and makes sharing simple. With just a little thinking time and tweaking of settings it's turned into a really powerful database for our very unique organisation. One we intend to invest in the platform further and make the most of all of the features available. It's a already a great asset to your business."

    Mark Smith at Commotion Creative

  • FutureBrand Logo
    "Efficient digital brand asset management system. Good, efficient online tool - scaleable for different situations, tailored to individual needs. Can be as big or as small as you require."

    Richard Curtis, Chief Executive Officer at FutureBrand

  • The Library Logo
    "Digital Asset Management Made Easy. I chose Intelligence Bank as they provided us with all the tools necessary to manage our digital assets and easily allow us to share and provide content to our clients."

    Brad Jardine, Account Manager at The Library